To assemble and provide objective and understandable data and expertise about species and ecological communities of conservation concern, including those at risk, and undertake field biological inventories to support decision-making, research, and education in Atlantic Canada.

About Us

The Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre (CDC) was established in 1997. It became a member of NatureServe in 1998 and NatureServe Canada in 1999, was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1999, and became a registered charity in 2000. Like all Conservation Data Centres, our data managers gather, maintain, and update spatially accurate occurrence data for species and ecological communities of conservation concern. Our database now includes more than 635,000 geolocated records of species occurrences, 142,000 of which are of species of conservation concern. Our outstanding staff expertise in botany, zoology, landscape ecology, and forestry, enable us to conduct accurate field inventories, and status assessments, and make significant contributions to conservation planning, and decision-making. With a broad range of expertise and data, which we provide to federal, and provincial government departments, ENGOs, industry, researchers, students, and many others throughout Atlantic Canada, we have become a conservation science centre. We are located on the Mount Allison University Campus in Sackville, New Brunswick and have a satellite office, hosted by the NL Dept. of Environment and Conservation, in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

Contact Us

Phone: (506) 364-2658
Fax: (506) 364 2656
Email: sblaney@mta.ca
P.O Box 6416,Sackville, New Brunswick
E4L 1G6

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